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Locksmith Tips Following Covid-19

Gotham Locksmiths has been providing locksmith services to the residents of NYC since 2002. We have been through everything, but nothing like the past two years of the pandemic.

Now, following these unusual times (and with the understanding that it is not fully behind us), and considering many of us already went back to work and are spending less time at home, we would like to share a few tips for your home security.

New Locks

Make sure your home has new locks, that properly protect it. Considering you are spending more of your time outside of your home, it is important to ensure that your locks are well adjusted, functioning properly, and provide the best possible security for your home and loved ones.

Gotham Locksmiths can assist you with installing a new lock.

Repair Your Current Locks

In case you do not want to spend money on a new lock, our trained technicians can try and fix your current one, adjust it, and make sure it obeys the industry's safety standards. You can book an appointment online to have one of our technicians examine and repair your locks.


Even the best lock in the world cannot ensure a 100% success. That is why we highly recommend installing a safe that will protect your most precious possessions. In case you already have a safe that you need us to open for your, contact us today or book the service online.

Overall, there are many aspects to consider when trying to best protect your home and loved ones. Here at Gotham Locksmiths NYC, we strive to provide the best possible locksmith service. Please contact us for any consultation regarding your security needs.

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