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What's it Like Being a New York City Locksmith During the Covid-19 Crisis

Gotham Locksmiths NYC has been providing locksmith services in New York City for over 15 years. We have provided locksmith services, as well as emergency locksmith services, in the heat of summer and the freezing winter, in all five boroughs, in the middle of the day or night, without fail.

New York City is the best city in the world. It is our home. And yet, every New Yorker knows the difficulties of living here. Traffic, congestion, rising prices and hard weather impact us all. And still, out team of devoted locksmiths have been helping customers into their homes after being locked out, replaced endless locks and security systems to improve the wellbeing and safety of fellow New Yorkers, and provided countless customers our expert tips for improving their home and business security. Basically, we are well versed in providing locksmith services in spite of various challenges.

Covid-19, however, brought with it a whole new set of challenges that have been added on the ones we just mentioned. Social distancing did not make our job easier. Since our aim is always to put the customer first, we have a strict mask policy in the company and all of our technicians follow the mask guidelines. We have implemented new self hygiene policies - requiring our technicians to wash their hands before and after every job. We also allow our customers to pay using a credit card over the phone, or using a wire transfer, in order to reduce cash transactions.

Nonetheless, we treat the Covid-19 with the same mentality employed by us regrading every obstacle: with determination and resilience.

We are a New York City business, and we are #NYCSTRONG.

Gotham Locksmiths NYC is here for you during these times. If you need any kind of locksmith service, contact us at your convenience.

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